Here you can find several exemplary works within the different visual areas I work as a designer.

︎︎︎ Logo & branding ︎

I create visual identities for brands, as well as their digital and printed corporate pieces.

︎︎︎ Graphic layout ︎

Magazines and brochures, corporate dossiers, identity manuals, restaurant menus, etc. I design and mock it up.

︎︎︎ Video & motion ︎

It looks better in motion, right? I animate and edit videos using Premiere Pro and After Effects.

︎︎︎ Art & illustration ︎

I draw since before knowing how to write. Now I try to portray that training on the digital canvas.

︎︎︎ Photography ︎

These are some cool photos I took with my camera. I love doing it in my free time.

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